Friday, June 05, 2009

Kate Merrick's "Archangels"

Michael, Patron of Police ..left verso,,,right front

Art In The Market artist, Kate Merrick sent us the following:
"I Recently finished my latest project and decided to send the images out for all to see and comment on if you wish. The originals are 11" x 17" and these are the cards I made from them. The text goes on the back and the inside is blank." Kate's Website, Studio Azul
Kate has worked as a artist for many years travelling and painting in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, as well as in her St. Augustine, Florida studio. Her work is included in numerous collections world-wide, from Panama to New Zealand and many locations inbetween. She continues to actively produce art in her two primary studio locations in St. Augustine, Florida and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is available for commissioned work as well as inquires on pieces displayed in her gallery. For more information, please contact her or visit her in The Plaza de la Constitucion.

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  1. Harris Family - Philadelphia05 June, 2009

    Hi Kate! We've got your portrait of Carrie on the mantlepiece.....a treasure