Monday, June 01, 2009

Not So Funny !

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  1. Anonymous02 June, 2009

    Typical of this city. I heard about the town that arrested the guy for mowing the grass in a public park that had been neglected by the city maintenance. Sounds like something St. Augustine would do.

  2. Anonymous04 June, 2009

    We just looked at this cartoon and wondered. How come in your May 11laundry list of cases you never listed a charge from Memorial Day of last year, let alone an arrest?

    Are you kidding, drinking, trying to be funny, have memory lapses, feel a need to lie to bolster your position?

    Were you really arrest for selling flags on Memorial Day 2008?

  3. Tickets and arrests are so numerous that they all run together.Forgot that one. I am not a detail oriented person.

    Yeah, I was arrested last year on Memorial Day for (as a demonstration)offering American Flags for sale.Only sold one to a Polish immigrant.Then I gave em away.

    Not kidding, not drinking (at the moment)not trying to be funny. Yes, I have memory lapses.Is there ever a NEED to lie? The law bolsters my position.

    I'm conceding this one, feeling that distracts from the four artist plaintiff's case.

  4. Anonymous04 June, 2009

    Arrested for flags seems just as bad if not worse.

    Keep up the spirit, or spirits as appropriate!