Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Neo Rausch means ""New Smoke"

Actor Brad Pitt at the Basil Art Fair

Hey, isn't that Brad Pitt over there looking at that painting?
Yeah, he just bought one of Neo Rauch's for almost a million dollars. Now he likes this one 'cause of it's, in his words "cool brownish ,amberish tones"
But he's wearing tinted sunglasses in an art gallery!
For God's Sake! Don't say anything! Do you know the size of my commission?
Well you can take the boy out of Springfiend ,Missouri but you cant..........
Yeah I know, he's an idiot! Buzz off, I'm gonna close this sucker!

Actor Buys A Painting


  1. Anonymous11 June, 2009

    Brad Pitt looks ridiculous in that get up.

  2. I see no reason to tear down someone who has fought the odds and has become very successful, especially someone who has made his money honestly. His glasses? His outfit? C'mon guys, how about having a generous spirit towards others?

  3. Anonymous12 July, 2009

    Anyone who looks at art with tinted glasses is (fill in the blank)

  4. Well I guess even through rose colored glasses, Brad Pitt was able to see the brilliance of Neo Rauch. Not only that, but the painting Pitt ended up purchasing is a masterpiece. I would rather look at a Neo Rauch through glasses in one of my restored Project Houses in L.A., than look at Neo Rauch in a picture book with eyes wide open.

  5. Anonymous13 July, 2009

    The name Neo Rausch (new smoke) is appropriate since the high art world is all smoke and mirrors. It is a wonderful paitig ,but the price tag is artificial and the art is treated as currency.

  6. I am not sure what you mean by "artificial". Isn't commerce all relative? How about the price of a house? Isn't that also artifiicial? People balk at the idea of paying high prices for a painting because a painting has no use value. This is understandable but this is also nothing new. Great art costs money. As far as Neo Rauch is concerned, I can't think of a living figurative painter who approaches his level of mastery. Lisa Yuskavage? John Currin? Please, they are Sunday school painters in comparison. I would like to see an exhibition of early Eric Fischl and Neo Rauch together.