Tuesday, May 02, 2006

False History

Here are the exact words given by a Red Train tour driver as they pass the market

"In 1964 Martin Luther King came to St. Augustine and threatened to burn down the Slave Market. He was arrested by the local police. The F.B.I. came in and escorted him to Washington D.C. where he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize" A History Lesson

"Spanish Law that decreed no one be taller than the Captain of the ship"

" All Blacks in St. Augustine were freemen"

Excerpt from research "St. Augustine’s 1789 census revealed of a total population of 1,592 residents, 483 slaves (30.3%) and 102 free blacks (6.4%). Read more

This is just one driver, in one spot. It's hard to believe that virtually everything stated is false. You pay your eighteen dollars ,but do not expect facts.

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