Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Commissioner Susan"GotTaGo" Burk, Mayor Joe "Pepe" Boles and Commissioner "Lonesome" George Gardener

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St. Augustine, Florida: Last week the St. Augustine Police Department solved the rash of graffiti vandalism throughout the historic district. "We didn't expect the perpetrators to be two thirds of our City Commission, " said Police Chief Loren Lueders." this is quite a shock". Two other suspects are still at large and are expected to be apprehended soon. "Huffing (the Abuse of Inhalants) is a major problem with some of our youth but these guys are well past adolescent experimentation" said Dr. Arriana of Flagler Hospital. Contact was attempted with the two other commission members but they were not to be found.

Released on recognisance, Mayor Joseph Boles stated, "I'm an artist ! They want free speech well I'm givin' it to 'em." Commissioner Susan Burk and Commissioner Gardner insist that they were coerced into the vandaslism by one of the perpetrators at large. "Whatever these guys say I'll go along with", said Gardner. The case is expected to reach arraignment next year.

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