Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"When you are on this street , your ass is mine" ,City Commissioner Errol (Gangsta) Jones to Art In The Market street art vendor who set up in front of the artist's home during the Lincolnville festival.
"We do not want modern art in the Plaza" (De La Constitucion) City Commissioner/architect Don Crichlow.
"You are gettin' pretty chummy with those hippies" WFOY radio personality Al "Foot In Mouth"Brennan to a local arts doyenne talking about an upcoming arts program.
"After looking at some of the art I've seen in the Plaza , I'd rather see sunglasses being sold" Commissioner George Gardener
"I've been to George's house.........all I can say is ...Wal Mart Art. "Local business person in reference to George's above remark.
"You want me to move that stuff or do you want the police to do it?!" Art Association organizer to Art In The Market vendor set up legally near the Arts and Crafts show at Francis Field
"You are stealing electricity .....I'm giving you a two hundred dollar ticket" SAPD police officer to artist who plugged in to an unmarked "city plug" in the plaza

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