Monday, December 31, 2007

In Front Of The Bishop! For Christ's Sake!

Artist Sarah Platt drove up from Lake Mary to do some outdoor painting and perhaps sell some of her other works. She set up in the Plaza De La Constitucion on a beautiful Sunday morning. No other artists were there yet. Two police officers approached and informed Sarah of the new ordinance prohibiting the sale of artwork on public property. Though she had not sold anything, they stated that she had "offered artwork for sale.", Furthermore, she cannot give out her address, phone number,business card or website URL as that would constitute an "offer for sale" which the officers said is prohibited on most public properties in St. Augustine. There had been complaints according to the police. Sarah was given a fine of 100 dollars.

When the other artists arrived and heard of Sarah's problem they advised her of our "protest display"and a suggestion to perhaps cover up the 3'x 4' painting of copulating angels. We sensed that this may have been the source of at least one complaint. The female angel's face looked remarkably like our Prosecuting Attorney Robin"I've Been Villified!" Upchurch. Sarah has never seen Ms. Upchurch so the similarity is unintentional.

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