Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Castigat idendo mores*

Mayor Joseph Boles and retinue looking out over his dominion on the "Night of Lights"
The City of St. Augustine mayor Joseph Boles may need a good history lesson and a look into the "American "psyche. Thomas Paine wrote the pamphlet Common Sense, which encouraged American independence based on an anti-monarchy argument. Arguing from both a biblical perspective and republican virtues Paine wrote that monarchies were never good for people of any free state. Anything that appears to be elitist or has the trappings of royalty is repellant to many citizens. Following the balcony speeches and the tree lighting, Mayor Boles and his lady took a carriage ride two blocks to the Lightner Museum with an escort of four police cars with lights flashing. A 300 dollar a couple dinner was then ready and the swells were there to raise money for the homeless. Look here mayor and all of you balcony standers, it was probably not your intention to appear grandiose or inflated but that's the way it came off. Save the balcony ceremonies for some foreign dignitary, they like that stuff. Humor 'em. The British Night Watch where the Commissioners play dress up as English governors , that's kinda fun. It's when you start the pretentious crap of taking yourself seriously that we snicker. Take a look at the blonde lady on the lower right in the picture. She's saying "Honey, can you believe these windbags !"
*"castigat ridendo mores " One corrects customs by laughing at them.

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