Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aerial Angels of Kalamazoo

Last Saturday three ladies put on a cool show of acrobatics and polished patter. The last thing that they said was that street performance was "alive and well in St. Augustine".
We applaud such outdoor performances . Get people off the sofa...away from the corporate puff sliced up on television and movie theaters.
A reminder to the Cultural Alliance and the sponsor of this event Casa Monica.............ordinance 22-6 reads:
It is unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale, compensation or donation, or rent or offer for rent, goods, wares, merchandise, food stuffs, refreshments, or other kinds of property or services upon the streets, alleys, sidewalks, parks and other public places within historic preservation zoning districts HP-2 and HP-3
Since artists were told that they cannot give out business cards or website info thus constituting "an offer for sale". Would not the 50 % off coupons for the Casa Monica Brunch (ordinary price .... a tankful of gas) be considered an offer for sale? Employees say that the brunch crowd doubled last Saturday thanks to this promotion.
Don't get us wrong, we applauded along with the rest of the crowd ( a hundred or so.) as they blocked the sidewalk much more than we gentle artists ever do. Remember St. Johns County residents,........Casa Monica fed the performers but YOU paid for this show. The County Commission recently named this private agency "The St. Johns County Cultural Alliance", the "official" Arts Agency here. This means that state art and cultural monies and grants will go to them. Maybe they will parcel it out as they see fit.
We have written before about the methods used by the self appointed president Phil McDaniel. We believe that the government should stay away from the Arts. Let us be. We will decide what we create. We have no time for dabblers and dilettantes. We say ...let them do their "arts council" thing, keeping distance from any oversight concerning our protected first amendment activities. ( We hear things)
We did enjoy the girls from Kalamazoo.


  1. thud...
    thats the sound of me beating my head against the wall!!!!

  2. Why doesn't Cushman do what the entertainers did back when their ordinance came out, get an injunction against the enforcement of the ordinance? If he says 'no can do' then I think your on the loosing end of a long battle. Or maybe your holding off thinking the longer you drag this out the bigger the paycheck if you win.

  3. Who told you that there is a paycheck in this endeavor? Do you find it hard to believe that our fight is not to receive compensation for unjust actions? We simply insist on our rights as stated in previous Federal Court cases.