Thursday, January 31, 2008


These five City Commissioners have ignored Federal Court rulings that affirm that Art is fully protected by the First Amendment Bill of Rights.

If not for the courage of a few remaining artists who face arbitrary arrests ,jail and confiscation, we would have an empty Plaza. (ready for the corporate sponsors to step in )
The citizens have told us that we are wanted and in no way detract from the historical nature of St. Augustine. Ask yourself....just whose interests do these commissioners, judges and city attorneys represent?


  1. Throughout the country Artist are being commercialize and turned into criminals by our local government officials. It is disgraceful!
    Artists are literally fighting for the very soul of our nation, the Arts. As a Veteran it sickens me that while we send our men and women off to fight, be maimed and die for these Constitutional Freedoms in far away wars...we Americans sit idly by while our local public servants destroy those Constitutional Freedoms here at home. It is a national disgrace!
    How many more generations of our Children must be deprived of the Arts in their lives? How many more Seniors, on fixed incomes, will be hurt by these horrible governmental policies?
    I attached a few links to important 9th Cir. Court rulings that defend Artists rights. The Perry ruling coupled with the White ruling leave government no way to squirm out of it. No licenses for non-profit organizations, No license for Artists.

    Good On All the Artists,
    Steven C. White
    White v. City of Sparks, WON!$file/0515582.pdf

  2. Viva la resistance! So glad you are fighting this, and hope you continue to do so!

  3. The persistent problem here is the city government's continuous intimate relationship with corruption. This has to end...
    I'm sick and tired of seeing artists arrested, people assailed, and freedom oppressed. St. Augustine is slowly turning into Nazi Berlin, Germany(as so is the rest of the country).
    I believe in fighting fire with fire.
    If the city doesn't want to see free art...
    Perhaps it's time we just make lot's and lot's of art for them to complain about!

    Keep the faith guys,
    Aramal Malik, INVERSEHALO.