Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Is This Man Laughing?

Rudolph Giuliani wants to be President of the United States. His success in cleaning up Times Square in Manhattan was followed by his arguable leadership after the 911 crisis.

Beneath the surface,this grinning former prosecutor is a demagogue of huge proportion.

Our street artist friends in N.Y.C. fought against this man's idea that he is the arbiter and "decider" of which of our basic freedoms we are permitted. The legal process was slow and the artists' resources were slim but the Supreme Court finally decided in 1996 that visual art was protected speech. No, Mr. Giuliani, you cannot shut down our museums because you feel offended by an artwork. (Brooklyn Museum).You cannot stop an artist from displaying and selling his work on our own (public) property. You lost this one Mr. Giuliani. You apparently have fans in the City Administration of the City St. Augustine. Are these public servants defenders of the law or suppressors of the law?

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