Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Equal Treatment?

A picture is considered "speech" by the courts, honoring the First Amendment. Here in St. Augustine artists are considered a "safety hazard" impeding citizens and blocking sidewalks (we do not) The picture shows recent happenings in the Plaza of the Constitution in St. Augustine,Florida. One of these protests or events was fined 100 dollars based upon the ordinance that states the artist's displays or protests are considered a safety hazard. Religious groups and city sanctioned events are treated differently.


  1. It kills me how they keep trying to come up with ideas for the 450th, yet thay can't even get this right. They are such idiots! Some welcome mat the ciy is putting out for those that like culture!

  2. Re: Night of Lights...the new ordinance eliminates special events permits as well

  3. The artists "won" their court case and yet there is no art in the plaza, or music or joy of life, etc. The plaza is more sterile than ever and the new ordinance has become a tool for further harassment and intimidation of those least able to protect themselves - the homeless. Veterans for Peace finds itself in the position of having to step forward to attempt to return life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to La Plaza de la Constitucion. We appreciate all the help we can get. Please see our web page at:

    sign our on-line petition

    THANKS for all you've done and continue to do!!!!!

    Terry Buckenmeyer
    Veterans For Peace

  4. so much for no special event passes...read in the paper people selling PROHIBITED items....ie jewelry and food!