Thursday, October 01, 2009

Radio Days

First Coast Connect's, Melissa Ross

Today's First Coast Connect on Jacksonville's NPR affiliate, WJCT 89.9FM with artist Greg Travous (Suvo) and atty Michael Kahn had the call in lines backed up! Host Melissa Ross was busy punching phone buttons while Suvo was working the "cough"button (something that is needed at our local station.We actually heard WFOY's Kerry MCarthy blow her nose on the air!)

To hear the show go here and link on to First Coast Connect(on the left) Thurs. It'll be there for a few days and then be archived for October 1 later when they get around to it.


  1. As usual, the true nature of the problem is lost in the translation.The moderator with one focus,the guests with opposing agendas and the callers with limited expression.An unbiased outsider would still not understand.This is a bad mind game.These city rulers are professional.If someone in a crowd commits a crime the whole crowd is arrested.If no one is committing a crime bring in a bigger crowd and cause confusion.What 1st ammendment rights are vendors granted?This is enough to make us realize we are all still idiots.
    They can't do this yet they keep doing it.We have to resolve this,and not keep sweeping it under the rug.The world is only going to get more crowded and people need to learn to co-exist.So now you may call me names and refuse to see.

  2. What is written by Bill reads ok to me. "We have to resolve this"

  3. If the city is so concerned with public safety and ingress/egress in the Plaza...
    Can I ask why they sell special vendor passes during special events in the Plaza like Night of Lights??
    ...a bit contradictory don't you think?