Sunday, October 04, 2009

Heade Sale Redux

This Sunday's local paper was full of stories about a two year old art sale held secretly by the St. Augustine Historical Society. The Record seems a little slow on the uptake since we reported this story here two months ago. Everyone seems shocked! Two months from now no one will give this a thought.


  1. Art in the Market is once again ahead of the curve (and the Record). Good work.

  2. Dead people run the WRECK-IT, but still a remarkable scoop on the undead reporters claiming to have a life.

  3. I told the Record several weeks ago of the connection to this buyer and the possible demolition of several historical houses on Spanish Street.

    It is very frustrating to read this paper.

    If there is an issue where people are not happy they run a story showing the positive and not the negative. Politicians are running the paper.

    Everything is slanted and corrupt. I hope they close the doors.

  4. the subline reads that the sale "angers some ande pleases thers"Who exactly is pleased?.The buyer? The seller? The public?.......not us