Saturday, August 07, 2010

Not a Gossip Column !

After a brief vacation from the Internet ,which I recommend for everyone, I find a large number of comments on my last post. Our artist struggle here in the City of St. Augustine is about our Constitutional First Amendment Rights NOT about one person, namely me. Scurrilous and specious personal attacks are not part of the issue here and let's not confuse free speech with libel. The Internet is a wonderful thing but unfortunately it gives some the ability to become Matt Drudge creating confusion and misdirection. My "criminal history" as described by the post would make me a far more interesting person than I actually am.  I could easily press one button deleting the untrue statements made but I decided to leave it. Send me a personal email at the address on the header if you wish to discuss me.

To the poster came up with a clever but slightly awkward word describing my condition (oh, again).....Artyrdom, a play on martyrdom. Please,if a statue is raised in later years, make it of Karl the Rottweiler.This is probably the same person who referred to me as "rebel without a pause". Quite a wordsmith, this guy.

Another post that got my attention was in reference to my "layman's misapprehension of First Amendment  jurisprudence". I suppose that this is opposed to an "attorney's misapprehension"? A Federal judge in Jacksonville ruled in our favor or did she misapprehend? Federal Court U.S rulings and the citations included are not written in vague arcane language and can be read by anyone and I have read 'em all regarding this issue. I don't know many standard practice attorneys who can say that they have studied the artists rights issues as closely as some of us have.

I do not understand the term "wannabe artist" . Each of you readers...go out and create something , a painting, a veal picata, a song, or a bridge. Voila! You ARE an artist. A wannabe would only sit and mull it over.

In closing, I am not the leader nor representative of any group. I do not "spearhead"movements. I speak only for myself but I find like minded individuals who because of their personal makeup cannot hold themselves out for their rights. This is acceptable to me. It takes all kinds.

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  1. Another Rotty Lover07 August, 2010

    Oh, So good to see you back...We love St. Augustine and have followed your blog for three years after you sold us a print from the plaza.Your love of St. Augustine came through despite the ridiculous laws down there.