Sunday, August 08, 2010

Tengas Un Buen Viaje

San Francisco St. ..Aviles, Spain

Seven members of the City of St. Augustine administration will be leaving soon for a two week trip ( how will we function!?) (story here) to the seaside town of Aviles Spain, birthplace of St. Augustine founder Admiral Pedro Menendez. There will be some small furor over the 25 thousand dollars this will cost taxpayers but it will die down quickly as it always does. We prefer to not make comment on this and simply ask the Commissioners to visit the street artists in that city's Plaza. It is noted that in none of the articles on Aviles could we could find a mention of Pedro Menendez.

When the Spanish delegation visited us here last year, two of their group left their controlled tour and came to purchase local art from one of our artists  though it put her in jeopardy of arrest. They were surprised to have someone speak Castilian Spanish to them as none of the commissioners (according to the delegates)speak Spanish..

.Things NOT to say to the officials and locals in Aviles Spain:

"That Franco...he was a helluva leader."

"Do you have a Denny's? I can't function two weeks without a Grando Slamo"

"Soccer?.Nah. I follow American football, a man's game.Who won that World Cup Soccer thing anyway?"

"Blech! You say Chosco is the tongue of a pig served in the intestine of a pig! Christ!,Gimme a barf bag!"

"Most right thinking Americans at home are on the guard against Obama's plan of creeping Socialism" (The mayor and almost all officials of Aviles are card carrying members of The Spanish Socialist Workers Party)

"I was told that there would be Moors here, where are all of the Moors?"

"Look, me Pepe one more time and we'll have an old fashioned FSU smackdown right here! It's Joe Dammit!, I'm the mayor...El Jefe!, Comprende?!"

"That Spanish Fly thing, I suppose Viagra knocked the hell out of that as an industry, huh?"

Bring us all souvenirs out of that 25K.See you back here soon.


  1. Hysterical! These BoBos are so good, they shake folks' hand all the while stealing from their wallets. And the people are dumb enough to re-elect them! Oh yeah, Democracy in it's finest!

  2. Moors! Where's the Moors? Now that's funny!