Tuesday, July 11, 2006

From Our Viewpoint

e have noticed that the artworks that are available in the Plaza are generally the least purchased items bought by tourists. Costume Jewelry seems to be the #1 seller. Sunglasses run a close second. Lots of people are fascinated by magnetic bracelets, chokers and anklets. Those blinking light glow toy things are always sold out. If someone sold Silly String t.m we are certain that the Plaza would be festooned with day glo .................what's a good word.......oh yeah, ........crap! The city has a good rule - No aerosol products or applications. Have you ever watched one of those spray painters who rapidly does those planetary pictures? Look at the crowd. Now there is art that will sell! Elvis on velvet, Bleeding Jesus or fake waterfalls. You can find these at any Flea Market. We aim higher at the Plaza De La Constitucion.

As far as artworks are concerned, scenes of St. Augustine are the most popular. Arguably, the Bridge of Lions at #1. All but artist Suvo specialize in these images. "I have what I call Floridiana works and these are popular, but my Midwest and New York scenes are purchased occaisionally."


  1. Wait a minute Suvo! Childs doesn't paint the Bridge of Lions, the St. Augustine Lighthouse, or any local scenes.

  2. There are some artists who see more to St Augustine that the usual downtown street scenes....have you seen he work of Sherri A.?