Monday, July 10, 2006

Visual Images as Freedom Of Speech

It appears that some in St. Augustine cannot see visual art expression as "free speech". The sale of such visual images is also put into the commercial category by these same people. Without getting into a philosophically abstract discussion, we point out that the first part ( image as speech) can be summed up simply by quoting the age old saying " A picture is worth a thousand words". To convey a thought a photograph or illustration is universal to anyone whose sight is unimpaired. Language is unneccesary if the image is presented. Here is an example.

A Description

"We were at the Plaza De La Constitucion in St. Augustine when we saw this orange colored puppy with a splint on his right rear leg and a large plastic halo type collar around his neck. He was panting and seemed to be enjoying the attention of passerbys."

I speak and read Farsi and do not understand these fifty words in english. Here is another example of the same thing done with AN Image This I understand.

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