Monday, January 29, 2007

America´s First Region?


Lynchburg (VA) News & Advance writes:
January 3, 2007
" .......the English landed at Jamestown, which provided the roots for representative government, commercial enterprise and ultimately the birth of the United States. It brought three cultures together that would become uniquely American as they sorted out - and continue to sort out - their conflicts and strengths.
"And St. Augustine’s lasting claim to the enterprise that is now America? Perhaps the Fountain of Youth."

"Yes ,the Fountain of Youth is an embarrassment to a community that prides itself on accurate cultural heritage tourism. Those rubber Indians have been holding the same bouquet of dusty plastic flowers for the past thirty years. Might as well bring back the Tragedy In American History Museum (link)." Longtime Winter Visitor

Here is a story published by The Chicago Tribune on 1/28. The writer is not impressed by his visit to what is billed as "America´s First Region"Story

he above qoute from Lynchberg ,Virginia (home of Jerry Falwell´s, Liberty University (creepy))is a definite rude statement by a biased writer. As we all know Jamestown was founded 42 years after Pedro Menendez established(1565) St. Augustine amongst the Timucuan natives in the village of Seloy. The French had established a fort near present day Jacksonville the year before. Jamestown, the village faded into the soil by 1700.You will find many re-creations and re-enactments up there in what was the Jamestown area but you will not find any ancient buildings or landmarks. Henry Ford has already created his idea of early America in Dearborn , Mich. Walt Disney has done his version throughout the world and wouldn´t Disney Corp. love to build on Gettysburg or Bull Run. St. Augustine is real and tangible history that we can see and touch.
The Anglophile view seems to be that the Spanish are "not really European". Here is an article about the still continuing Black Myth...
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