Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No Soup For You,Quigley !

We have always asked our artists in the Plaza to speak cautiously to the press. One of our own referred to the Plaza vendors in the vernacular above on the church sign. He was referring to two or three bad examples of mercenary vendors in the Plaza. Our vendor friends were generally "just plain middle class folk" looking to supplement their income. Generalizations almost always lie. Reading letters to the local paper it would seem that the public equates the vendor and the homeless panhandler as being in the same sub species of human. One letter writer, a Reverend, had written that if the vendors were not permitted in the Plaza, they may revert to a "life of drug usage and possibly home invasions!"
Let me warn you in advance, Barb and Sis (vintage costume jewelry) are now out of the Plaza. These two may break into your home to serve you and the kids soup and crackers. Barb will slowly bore all of you to death with stories of her latest surgery while Sis is dusting and cleaning. It´ll be horrible. These are a couple of the most menacing 150 years of combined womanhood. Be on the lookout at nearby craft shows and Farmer´s Markets.
It was not our artist´s intention to assist the St. Augustine Record reporter in demonizing the commercial vendors in the Plaza. The quote was misplaced in context. He is in hiding.


    I am picturing our jewelry making friends holding people at "pliar point" threatening to string them up on stainless steel and 14k gold wire...and maybe add a hand-blown glass bead for the aesthetic value ( a mangnetic one for the older folk)...yelling "gimme all your money, I need a bill pay fix!"

  2. Blood Sucking Vampires ? Are there other kinds? "Vegan Vampires On The Loose!" Seriously ,your town should be grateful for local artistic talent. We have just returned from Paris and our favorite souvenier is a small woodcut from an artist selling outside of Notre Dame. By the way, his woodcut was made in a studio that we visited the next day.He is a well established professional who enjoys selling his work outside.He also says that he considers galleries to be "exploitation commerciale"