Monday, January 22, 2007

Paint or Get Out?

At tonight´s City Commission meeting(5 1/2 hours long) there was discussion regarding commercial sales within the Plaza De La Constitucion (the nation´s oldest public space). Our vendor friends did not come up with a viable alternative to present to the City. One of our favorite young artisans (torched glass), Trevor, the father of two beautiful children, finally spoke up and seconded Commissioner Crichlow´s idea of an alternate space near the parking garage. This was Art In The Market´s suggestion to many vendors and we were pretty much convinced that we were talking to brick walls.Trevor took off with it and we hope that this alternate space comes to pass. With the exception our new mayor Mr. Boles, an attorney, the commissioners seemed to understand that visual artists are Constitutionally excepted from the vendor ban.

Mayor Boles felt that artists must be painting or producing on site. As an art gallery owner and artist he felt that it would not be "right" for someone to set up an outdoor gallery on public property. He requested that the City attorney research the law to see if this can be put into place. ........The courts write that the "display and sale of visual art" is protected under the First Amendment. Just as the sale of printed material is protected under free speech ,so is visual art. For full First Amendment protection I do not need to be the author of the books and periodicals offered for sale. If I am the author, should it be law that I sit in the Plaza and write as I offer my book or periodical for sale. We invite artist and gallery owner, Mayor Boles to join us in the Plaza to show his work and other works from his gallery. We believe that the mayor is confusing us with street performers.

Take a look at the work of Art In The Market artist, Sala, recently arrived from Barcelona. It would be very difficult for Sala to haul her textile sewing machine out to the Plaza. It would be just as ridiculous for photographer Elena Hecht to be sitting there clicking the shutter on her camera as some sort of performance. Suvo says that he´s tired of turpentine and sloppy studios. he´says that going to go partially digital, clean up his Hwy 1 studio and paint with his mouse or stylus. Mr. Mayor, do not presume to tell us what to create or how and when to create our works.

Later .we will address a statement by artist (not a Plaza artist) Toni Dewitt-link ( interesting pastels)that she questions whether photography and prints are actually can be considered "art". Lord deliver us from dilettantes and dabblers! We are sputtering with indignation right now. ....Can´t type.


  1. LMAO!!!!

    Just beacause Ms. Toni enjoys sitting outside and doing pastel drawings doesnt mean that all of us enjoy creating something out of the mundane.

    Personally, when I create my artwork it is a whole diffrent ballgame from the serenity that Ms. Toni finds outdoors in the elements. For me, I say it is like church. I have my favorite music playing very loudly, and I sing aloud as I create...unlike church, I AM ALONE. It is the only time I can "free my mind" enough to let the artistic process happen.

    Now, I know that the above mentioned artistic process may acutally appeal to the city commission... After all it sounds like a rip roarin street performance and an artist at work all rolled into one! But, for me, the solitary aspect is the most important part of the process. I am not interested in taking my "performance" to the street...sorry. (although Im sure it would be quite entertaining)

    I also think Ms. Toni needs to visit Mr. Boles gallery. Im sure you will find giclees and or prints adorning the walls of his gallery. I dont think he would apprecitae her saying that what he is undoubtedly selling in his gallery, along with every other gallery in town, IS NOT ART!I would also beg to differ that Photography IS ART. Quite frankly, saying it isnt is like saying Ms. Tonis pastels arent art.

    Oh, and I find it peculiar that our fair Mayor is a gallery owner AND trying to say that we must be producing art and not setting up an outdoor gallery...I would have to say that there is a bit of a "conflict of interest" there, eh?...considering what the Law says...

  2. Yeah,I considered painting in the our Boston park BUT (and this is a big butt!)I like to paint IN THE NUDE! This would not be good for the aesthetics of our beautiful parks. It´s warmer in Florida anyway.

  3. Love the comments! Just when my brain is bored, along comes this!

  4. Good grielf,gt, Sala's textiles are soooo beautiful!! Thanks for the "look" at them....and keep on with the Rock!