Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Note From The Big Apple

Here is a recent e mail from Robert Lederman, a street artist who has waged three federal lawsuits for his First Amendment rights to display and sell his art in the public fora of Parks, and sidewalks.
"When people criticize street artists and seek to restrict us, it is usually in response to our overly zealous pursuit of our private financial purpose. The familiar complaints are that we compete with stores, take up too much valuable sidewalk space and add to pedestrian congestion.When people praise us, it is usually in response to our pursuit of the public purpose. That public purpose manifests in many ways, from beautifying the streets with our art, to engaging people in stimulating conversations to standing up for the public's right to free speech.These two purposes are mutually dependent, and that is exactly how the founding fathers saw them when they wrote the US Constitution. To the extent that we achieve a balance between these two currents it brings about a harmonious environment in which everyone can coexist and benefit."

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