Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back To The Future

Note the 1997 date on this news story. It pays to be informed.


  1. ... And people want Giuliani to run for President?!? I hope the BUZZ is wrong! It could be "Nazi Germany, Here we come!"

    ....Just wondering? Did good ole' Rudy own an art gallery, too?

  2. Who knows what they will try to sneak past everyone next! Talk about "micromanaging"! Big Brother is Awfully big for lil' ol' St. Augustine!

  3. Most patriotic Americans will agree that the first amendment sometimes goes too far. Would you allow pornography to be displayed?
    Get your work into a gallery like a real artist.We have lots of them here in St. Augustine.

  4. Dear Anonymous...

    I am a real artist and have displayed my work in TWO of the many galleries here in St Augustine...But, you know what? I sell more works in the Plaza than I EVER did in EITHER gallery.

    The idea for artists is to get their work out there to the public, to be seen and in turn to be sold. If a gallery doesnt do for me what I can do for myself, who are you to tell me how and where to present and sell my work!?! (AHH, but I digress, Anonymous, could you be our fair Mayor?)

    And by the way, we sell ART (nudes and all) NOT PORNOGRAPHY!!!

  5. um, who cares, all the galleries in town have nothing but prints, look at it again P R I N T S .. i move here from a city and 1st time i goto 1st friday im all like wow, this is kinda nice, then i stop to notice the crap im lookn at on the walls is prints of original work.. i do alot of graphics work and i can totally rip anything that is in town into a print, so maybe i should rip some work into prints, or maybe rip your prints into my prints and open up (another) art gallery, how cool would that be, id be like most of the kooks in town then.. At least most of the ppl in the market have original work and prints, not just prints... Who wants to buy a print for 900 bucks when i can get a original piece of art in the market.. thats what most of the kooks are worried about, there prints being over run by real art work.. i think most of the gallerys here suck and if your ina gallery i probally think your work (prints) suck to, lol, matter of fact most of this town sucks. And ban outside smoking not just in the market but also ban it so my fkn neighboors dont have there cig smoke coming into our apartment, ty's..