Monday, February 12, 2007

Outdoor Mischief

Karl has noticed an interesting item from tonight's agenda for the City Commission Meeting:

Discussion of proposed Ordinance prohibiting certain outdoor activities – Mayor Boles.

We are curious? Outdoor activities? Leaf burning ?Lawn Darts? Nude Wrestling? We can hardly wait to find out what outdoor activities will be prohibited to us? Maybe this is coming?Stay tuned. Karl is sending a friend to the meeting. His concern has to do with know............relieving himself on the planters in the Plaza. He loves doing that! (sometimes on the Confederate Monument as well.....yes officer, behind the security chain!)

February 14 update: Mayor "Don´t Talk About My Mama" Boles was concerned about citizens and dogs relieving themselves #1 and #2 in the Plaza. Karl wants it known that he has a guy to pick up his ....ahem, ...stuff.

1 comment:

  1. I know Karl loves to paint with his nose....
    Im hoping the outdoor activities dont include the exhibiting and selling of art in the Plaza.