Thursday, February 15, 2007

Searle's Raid In The Plaza !

In 1668, Capt. Robert Searle and his privateers sailed from Jamaica to loot the silver ingots held in the royal coffers at St. Augustine. Under the cover of night, they slipped into the harbor and attacked the sleeping town, killing sixty people and pillaging government buildings, churches, and homes. The devastation wrought by these bloodthirsty pirates prompted Spain’s Council of the Indies to issue money to build a massive stone fortress on Matanzas Bay to protect the city. The Castillo de San Marcos still stands, an enduring reminder of Florida’s exciting heritage!

On March 3, 2007, join us in reenacting Searle’s raid in Old Towne San Agustin, the site of the original attack. A 17th century-style encampment will be open to the public at the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park. Come see what life was like in 17th century Florida! Watch as grown men play with blank muskets and get buzzed on grog. More

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