Saturday, March 24, 2007


Photo by Sherri Adriano
A letter in the St. Augustine Record seems to protest the Peace March of last week. It doesn't take a close reading to deduce that the writer was taking an outrageous position in order to promote the Peace March. Kind of a reverse provacateur .Selected quotes verbatim include:

"These rowdy* dissidents dared to interrupt the free flow of commerce."

"Who needs to be reminded that more troops have been secreted home than people who died ...on Sept. 11 ?"

"Hasn't our president revoked that Constitutional right (free speech) yet? If not, why not?"

We are reminded of those wild eyed individuals back in the 70's who were at peace meetings (some were organizers) screaming for government overthrow, violence and mayhem. The old joke was that with the headbands, the three day beard growth and the fatigue pants you sometimes found a pair of perfectly polished oxford shoes. We didn't need to wait for the "Freedom Of Information" files to recognize what was termed as an Agent Provocateur.

If the letter writer is serious, it is ironic that he is exercising free speech rights by denouncing the marcher's right of free speech.

*You aint seen rowdy. Try The Tradewinds at 11PM tonight and tell us about rowdy.

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