Friday, March 30, 2007

"Look At Me !"

"CHARGE IT TO TOM ARNOLD'S ROOM !" We turned around as actor Arnold was ordering a coffee at the Casa Monica coffee shop. His voice is at a decibel level twice the normal and we realize that he has a big head. Not big in the egotistical sense, but big in hat size. Sharon Stone and Jimmy Fallon are featured with him in a movie entitled "Rocket", filming now in Jacksonville. (straight to video?) Fallon might make it here to bellow the Trogg's classic "Wild Thing " at the Tradewinds. We hear that he is hitting the dives in Jacksonville. Hey!.... he's young and enjoying his celebrity, why not? Just don't drink and drive, Jimmy.


  1. sorry to hear, that in a country known for the land of the free, that such despicable acts of violations of peoples civil rights could possibly exist, but does. I hope that, the city of St. Augustine, is forced to pay dearly, the God allmitey dollars, that it holds so dearly. Even above our civil rights as provided by the constitution.The whole city of St. Augustine should be ashamed. I myself have left that Wretched city, having my rights violated, through the intimidating actions of said police force, for playing my harmonica in said city.

  2. Hey Harp ,
    I wondered what happened to you. Have not seen you in a very, very long time. Now I know why. I just wanted to say I'm glad you spoke up on this blog. I'm glad someone else Is saying how they feel about how the city is treating it's artists and musicians . Let people know about this Blog, Let them put their voices together with ours and speak loud and clear. As you know someone living in the city has to be careful what they say.
    Say the wrong thing and you start getting harassed more and more until you can't take it anymore and leave. It goes unnoticed because no one hears you no one sees you getting the shaft. As they say ya can't fight city hall...... Well I say you can. Just look at the ones who have marched before us when there rights were trampled on. Case in point the Civil Rights movement of the 60's.
    Harp send me an email let me know where you are.