Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apathy Kills

Public space battles across the country are heating up.Citizens are becoming aware that "behind their back",the whole philosophy of "public" is being mutated into a loss for us and a private revenue stream for the so called public servants. Fortunately, we have Federal judges who understand the spirit of our "Bill of Rights"

Events In San Antonio,Texas

01/15/09 Judge Xavier Rodriguez has recused himself from hearing the suit filed against the City of San Antonio Ordinance #1193. Judge Fred Biery has been assigned to the case. A new date for the case is pending.

07/01/08 The City of San Antonio and SAPD created the Standard Operating Procedures for Marches and Parades, and has filed to lift the Injuction granted by Judge Rodriguez! The operating procedures continue to give SAPD complete discretion over who can march and continues to charge us for our Free Speech!!

03/17/08 Judge Xavier Rodriguez Finds San Antonio's Parade Ordinance Unconstitutional in Several Respects and Grants Most of our Request for Preliminary Injunction!!

There is more to our fight for artist's first amendment rights here in the nations oldest public space than meets the eye. Too often, corporate greed, privileged access and, in some cases, outright privatization have squeezed out individual freedom of expression and political action. We must protect these fundamental rights.

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