Monday, January 19, 2009


Shepard Fairey's poster
Burton Morris"Cup of Coffee"

The emergence of a California "street artist's" work of President -elect Obama reminds us of the power of mass media. Back in the early nineties (1991 gallon of gas $1.19) the set decorator for a new television sitcom called "Friends" hung on the set wall, a silkscreen of a coffee cup by Burton Morris. That's all he needed to have his whimsical retro pop workin demand by collectors from all over. This is holding true even more so for Shepard Fairey's iconic print of Barak Obama.

Some say that Fairey is a plagiarist "turning street art into a cheap hustle that is no different from corporate advertising"


  1. Great point to make. And isn't he a cutie too!

  2. Whose a cutie? Shepard? Colbert? Obama? Your askin' me? I'm a dog fer cryin' out loud!