Thursday, July 02, 2009

How About The " Hazel Package?"

Portrait of Heloise by Hilary Knight

While St. Augustine hoteliers struggle to maintain a respectable occupancy rate, NYC's Plaza Hotel has announced a special package available for you and your precious daughter, niece or special nephew. The Live Like Eloise Package gets you a room for the night, a copy of the book Eloise by Kay Thompson, a chocolate sundae, and some Eloise postcards. All for just $895 plus tax. *

This seems to be designed for those out of touch parents or grandparents who actually believe that the kids would be excited about a 1950's kid's book character.

We are reminded of some local wags whose marketing suggestions to us includes street artists selling their works over cell phones or accepting a tip for "looking" at the art (just like the musicians) There are marketing people all over the place.

* Sorry Dad, The Governor's Package has been withdrawn because know. Just the name alone was a problem.

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