Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sherri Adriano

Tres Palmas, Fabric and acrylic on wood panel , 24" x 36", by Sherri Adriano
Art In The Market artist Sherri is a painter, mural maker, decorator and graphic designer. She is one of a the artists who does not do scenes of St. Augustine architecture. "Floridiana"would be a good description of Sherri's work. Her pieces generally have a lighthearted whimsical character that locals and tourists like. Come see her work in the Plaza de la Constitucion on weekends. More
The above piece would have not passed the cities list of "approved" art two years ago, since Sherri used fabric as a medium. The city administration felt that a painting should be made with paint and canvas. It took a court case and jail for an artist to demonstrate to the city that fully protected art as symbolic speech does not have to be within the confines of their limited definition. Link to Art Under Control

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