Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Mayor Boles says that we artists are in the Plaza because ,"Let's face it, it's all about the money". Oh Joe, here's the real deal.........We are idiots! We sit in the sun and wind, with (lately) African drums beating and bead stingers calling out to tourists. We answer any inquiries about our art and sometimes after 12 hours in the heat or cold we go home with the same art that we hauled out. No, we are not much good at the financial end of it but how could we possibly explain that to you since we can't explain it to ourselves. Ok, you'd never do it but I'll bet that there's lots of things that you do that we would NEVER do. C'mon, you know what we're talkin about.

The Commissioners do not like the sun glass sellers and the food vendors but are confused over the issues like"Is a leather belt considered art?" No matter how many e mails we or our lawyers have sent with explanation of protected speech, they keep on pretending to be ignorant.
They readily recognize the food vendors as non compliant . This following video should really
throw them into a quandary.

If you live in Indiana you've got to have a good imagination in order to survive as a human being.


  1. Anonymous15 July, 2009

    The commissioners aren't "pretending" to be ignorant- they ARE ignorant! (well save one, maybe)

  2. You beat me to doubt they are not pretending.

    I tricked them into confusing themselves and pursuing an end they can never, ever obtain.

    They seek to regulate "art" rather than "expression."

    The Commissioners believe they can act without understanding what they are doing as they are led by the nose by their City Manager Harriss boss.

    These people are not very bright;-)