Monday, July 20, 2009

Who wouldn't be sweating in the 90 degree heat, but the guy in the soaked t shirt with "Tennessee" written across the chest didn't look accustomed to being outdoors. He probably spent a lot of time in an air conditioned building back in Nashville. He was a regular "salt of the earth" guy lugging a fairly large framed canvas print wrapped in clear plastic.
Nashville guy: "How do I get back to Highway 1 ?"
Bored Plaza artist: "Easy....gave directions. .........Hey, may I see your art?
He proudly holds up the Cao Yong print. "I just bought this down the street. What do you think?"
Bored Plaza artist: "It's interesting, there's sure lotsa stuff goin' on in that painting isn't there?"
Nashville guy: "Yeah. it's like eight paintings in one"
Bored Plaza artist: "Is that a giclee?" (trick question)
Nashville guy: "No. it's an artist's proof "(he loses)
Bored Plaza artist: "Thanks for showing it. Drive careful now."
This poor guy didn't know what he was getting into when he walked into the "viewing" room at the gallery. The salesman knew he had him when he told the story of immigrant and recent citizen artist Cao Yong. When he turned down the dimmer switch and those stars and planets popped out as if back lit, the commission was already in the salesman's pocket. The frame upgrade was an easy sell (an extra 50 dollar commission) He only needed 15 % down and small monthly payments of 100 dollars. The clincher is "if you take it with you today instead of shipping it to Nashville we will pay the Florida sales tax". Bingo! The sound of a Velcro tm wallet opening is music to the "art consultant's" ears.
We are glad that the visitor from Nashville is happy with his Cao Yong print and hope that he will enjoy it for a lifetime because it has very little resale value. He just paid 1200 dollars for a reproductive print that is one of an edition of 6000.
Worst of all, he's got to explain this to his wife.

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