Thursday, July 09, 2009

No Rude Art!

Mr. Whetstone of Whetstone's Chocolate here in St. Augustine doesn't like outdoor vendors though he is one of them. He says that his creations are art.Yes they are, but here is a loophole for you Henry and this might stand legal scrutiny ....Chocolate Sculpture ...Hey?! Now this type of art sends a more "family friendly" message than your Frozen Bananas that the kids are all buying in the Plaza. "C'mon !, get her a frozen banana and I'll get a picture of her eating it and put it on Facebook! C'mon !, I'll pay the three bucks! She has no clue, man!"(actual conversation)

I 'm sure that you can figure out a way to keep it in the Plaza at 55 degrees F, until someone buys it. Good Luck!

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