Monday, October 26, 2009

Fine Art Found In Plaza Trash Bin!

We are grateful to Plaza bench sitter, "Catfish" for the retrieval
"This isn't right" said Catfish trying to flatten out a crumpled sheet of official SAPD paper. "They shouldn't do this!" Catfish's tone was indignant though Catfish was happy that,in the trashbin, along with a pencil drawing, he also found a parking timeslip with another hour left on it. He was happily indignant, a trait that I've never witnessed in a "normal" human. "I can get a buck for this if I move fast enough!" Now, we know that Catfish's "move fast" mode is about 1/4 the speed of an average citizen. This was Catfish's way of asking me for a dollar. The parking slip had what might be chocolate (blood?) smeared on part of it.We gave him a dollar,though parking is free on Sundays. He even got to keep the parking slip. We got the artwork for another dollar.Note: If Catfish ever tries to hand something to you.....first, always check out what it might be.
Actually, the officers here are writing a 100 dollar ticket for artist Kate Merrick (Bates, Merrick, Childs, Hecht vs. City of St. Augustine) for setting up her protest display in the Plaza. (more on that later)Is this juvenile of us? Yes, it is.

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  1. Are they actually trying to enforce the latest travesty? And how is the 12 ring circus in the slave market going? I really don't want to have to come down there. "Don't make me come down there!" lol What's happenin?