Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Oldest Street In Our Nation

   Rev. Dr. David J. Weidner, City Commissioner Erroll Jones ,Mayor Joe Boles and City Commissioner Leanne Freeman
One of the most charming  and overlooked streets in St. Augustine has been Aviles St., formerly known as Hospital St. This may change hopefully as a result of a makeover and realignment of the old bricks and an expansion of the sidewalks for outdoor dining. An 8:30 A.M. ceremony was held  two weeks ago and this is a film of that event. Later that night there was Fiesta de Aviles with revelry from the little bistos and restaurants amongst the unique boutiques and shops (not a franchise or tacky souvenir shop anywhere) Next, we are going to air condition the whole street! No, ...that would not be authentic would it?

The "Oldest Street" in our nation (1586) argument about that .This is a "must visit" place on the S.E side of the Plaza. Here is a story about the archaeology.


  1. Im sorry to say that of all my visits to your city, I have not ventured down that street. It sounds like a relief from the junk stores on the Main street there.

  2. Yankee Trendsetter11 August, 2010

    You guys still wear pleated pants down there?

  3. That Freeman woman is kind of a babe.