Thursday, December 21, 2006

Artist Removed

Just Say No To Rugs, Drugs and Plugs !
How NOT to do secret surveillance
Ok ......, sorry.......,we were just trying to give this photo a cute, clever caption. We couldn´t resist the male pattern baldness spread evenly amongst the local police department.

The St. Augustine police were taping the process of giving Suvo a $100 ticket for displaying his art for sale on St.George Street. You cannot tell by this photo but Suvo has the same "monk´s pate" as the officers. The Center for Krishna Consciousness people (maybe, maybe not ) were selling baseball hats a few feet away but no ticket was issued and they weren´t lucky enough to get on film. Suvo was ordered to move back into the Plaza and did so, joining the geegaws, trinkets, plastic jewelry and various sunglass vendors.

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