Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lawyers and Art

"........... visual art and wares, which means drawings or paintings applied to paper, cardboard, canvas, cloth or to other similar medium when such art is applied to the medium through the use of brush, pastel, crayon, pencil, spray or other similar object"

The above is a description of visual art from the St. Augustine City Code. This is what happens when attorneys and bureaucrats come up with definitions. How many works of art are excluded if this list is used as a guideline? Duchamp´s "Fountain" would have a hard time making the cut here. For that matter, all sculpture is omitted. Here is a good definition of sculpture for our junior assistant City Attorney Robin Upchurch. Sculpture is art that you can walk around.

Art In The Market artist Helena Sala uses fabric, needle and thread as did the studio of Ruebens. Read More.

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