Saturday, December 16, 2006

Artists Are Revolting


The Federal Court (Bery vs City of New York . 1996) has determined that the display and sale of visual art (paintings, prints, photographs and sculpture) is protected under the First Amendment, therefore the forum of public parks. streets and sidewalks are open to visual artist´s expression and sale.

In our nations oldest city St. Augustine, former City prosecutor James Whitehouse has told artists. “It doesn’t matter what the law says, we make our own rules.” Simple unobtrusive art displays and sales have been illegally banished from St. George Street. Arrests have been made and artists have been handcuffed. We contest this restriction upon free speech.

Requests have been made to amend the local ordinance to comply with Federal law. These requests have been ignored without a response. This restriction is a phony, citing health and safety hazards. In reality, business interests are considered a higher priority than fundamental guaranteed rights.

We will no longer tolerate a pattern of harassment and infringement of visual artist´s rights. Your rights could be next to be ignored.

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