Friday, December 08, 2006

Recently we met Vaughn Cochran, artist, fly fisherman and conservationist. Black Fly Outfitters at 11 Aviles Street is an art gallery, fly shop, bookstore and museum. Look Here Vaughn is the current head of Art Galleries Of St. Augustine.

Art In The Market was very much interested in Vaughn´s concern to upgrade the level of items for sale in the Plaza. One item of agreement is that the City could do more to prevent the proliferation of flea market type merchandise. Unlike Visual Art, the city does not have a obligation to mercantile sellers. Perhaps a plan (with a minimum fuss) could be formulated. Art In The Market would also love to help more tourist find Aviles Street (easily the oldest street in North America , excluding native American footpaths ) We have our eyes on an existing pathway from St.George St. through the Plaza to the Arch over the Aviles entrance.

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