Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ask ,Next time

It is interesting how the City of St. Augustine feels that they can make rules that not only violate our civil rights but sometimes they appear to outright steal from us. Take the above painting of St. Augustine. It was done by Dean Quigley one of our Plaza artists. The city has decorated their webpage with this painting. No inquiry was made to the artist. This is illegal folks. It is a blatant copyright violation. You have stolen . Kinda like piracy . Webmaster for the City, read this.

The national organization called Elderhostel also likes Quigley's painting and has taken it for their website without permission. Again , owning a print or original does not entitle you to reproduce an artist's image without attribution or compensation. Dean's work has been reproduced many times in textbooks particularly those covering archaeology and early Native American culture. He is compensated for this. Knowing Dean, we feel that he would be flattered and more than happy to give permission to use the image. Couldn't the City ask?

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