Monday, August 06, 2007

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N.Y.C. Agrees to Rewrite Proposed Rules on PhotographyPermits

"New York City and their laws are different than down here in St. Augustine. They also have many more artists than we do." Commissioner Gardner to a street artist. Yes Commissioner, we did some research and you are correct.

Responding to an outcry that included a passionate Internet campaign, N.Y.C. officials yesterday backed off proposed new rules that could have forced tourists taking snapshots in TimesSquare and filmmakers capturing that only-in-New-York street scene to obtain permits and $1 million in liability insurance.

New Yorkers are able to move quickly and creatively to push back when the city government clamps down and represses free speech. Sadly, here in St. Augustine we have those who remain silent even among the so called "art community". Here is an email we received from a fellow artist in the community. We did not publish the artists' name

If the "Keep Off The Grass" is considered, except for concerts and special events, how do the "artist"(sic) fit in this picture. It is a right that is for everyone to enjoy as long as they govern themselves. I am moving from the community in a few weeks, and may return in late fall, but if everyone (that is) out there now need(s) to govern themselves better. YOU DON'T OWN THE PLAZA!!!
Your worst enemy

(Name Withheld)

Good mood response....... Ok , yes we should"govern"ourselves better. This is a good philosophy. Any suggestions would be appreciated. are not our enemy.

American Heritage Dictionary
gov·ern (gŭv'ərn)
To make and administer the public policy, To control the speed or magnitude of, To control the actions or behavior of, To keep under control.

On second thought, after reading this definition,..........go "govern" yourself pal, ya know what we mean?


  1. Karl, who is this guy?
    Govern ourselves?!?! Keep off the grass?? (isn't that what those little, gnat infested, boxes of mulch we set up in are for?)

    This town is really getting on my last nerve! Cant even spend a peaceful Saturday selling my artwork downtown without the homeless people YELLING across the Plaza, trying to taunt each other into a fight. It makes me sick. We are calm, peace-loving bunch of artists, just trying to make a name for ourselves in 'the art world'. YET, we get lumped in with a bunch of homeless people who not only are an embarrassment to the city but also to themselves!

    ...I am getting a headache!

  2. I agree that NY is an example of people standing up for their rights. Too many people become complacent, figuring "some one else will take care of it." Then, when one's liberties and personal freedoms are taken away they will complain and wonder "what happened- who is responsible for this?"