Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rush To Judgement

Here is an E mail from Plaza artist Dean Quigley. He is referencing a previous post here in this blog.

Guess what .. the image that seems to be circulating of MY Flagler painting is actually a Photograph..... No kidding's a photo of the site from where I painted .. seems to be a well shot area, and I believe that some photoshop work was done, to enhance,; Anyhoo, When I was down at the Plaza two weeks ago, there was a sunset that again was exactly the colors of what I saw 18 months ago when I painted the image... I have seen many similar sunsets from that vantage point -its just killer... LIFE does imitate ART! So a photographer has overridden the ability of applying "brush on canvas"... we'll be alright!

We are once again embarrassed (something we previously posted about loose tiles at the VIC mosaic...not proven to be so) and grateful that we have so little assets that no one would consider suing us. By us.......I mean me .......and I am a mere dog who cannot tell a photograph from a Quigley painting. Pointing, blaming and going off half cocked. I gotta relax.

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