Monday, August 20, 2007

Crescent Beach Paint Out

Oil on Canvas by Charles Dickinson

Congratulations to Art In The Market painter Charles Dickinson for winning first place in the 2007 Crescent Beach Paint Out. Charles is fast on his way to becoming the Tiger Woods of competitive painting. We kid Charles about his art contests because .....for one thing , we were not invited and another .... who wants to sit outside all day? But wait! We do that anyway. Maybe Charles is on to something.
We pictured one of Charles' excellent nudes because we've seen all of the lighthouse pictures that we can stomach.

1 comment:

  1. GO Charles!!!
    You know I saw something about this in the paper. I saw the headline..."Crescent Beach Paint Out" but when I went to read the article, nothing about painting!!(was reading online)

    Then, on Thursday @ the concert in the Plaza, I have someone tell me I should have been in it. Wow, I dont know if I could have gone up against the likes of Charles, but it would have been fun!!