Monday, August 20, 2007

Just Up The Road

We all know the know, the staunch flag waver who'll come to your front porch to berate you because you left the U.S. Flag out in the rain or didn't illuminate it properly for evening viewing. His sense of order and decency is upended when we do not put our hand over our hearts during the Star Spangled Banner performance. Alas, ask him about Thomas Paine or Civil rights issues and you'll not only find someone who is not only misinformed but wildly authoritarian.

In late July, a couple in Asheville, N.C. decided to use an inverted U.S.Flag to illustrate their displeasure with the current administation's policies in Iraq. Combine ignorance of the law with police powers and our rights go right down the drain. We artists know what that is like here in St. Augustine. Bill Maxwell's story here

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