Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Deadheads Amongst Us

We were sent this photo by Steffi who told us,
"This guy was at the Bob Weir and Ratdog concert just hangin' around. He kept sayin 'LET IT ALL HANG OUT!,GROOVY! and LAY SOME WACKY WEED ON ME SON! Somebody said that he was an important guy in St. Augustine. Do you know who he is?"

No, we don't Steffi but we can spot a narc when we see one.


  1. Anonymous21 July, 2009

    Too funny!!!!

  2. he called himself "Pepe"

  3. Anonymous22 July, 2009

    I just read that Oakland voted to tax marijuana sales. Maybe he should move there. (Please)

  4. Anonymous23 July, 2009

    Heeeey Joe, where you goin' with that doobie in your hand??...