Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ernest Lee - Painter

Ernest Lee

Art In The Market painter Ernest Lee remembers when school racial integration occurred back in his North Carolina birthplace. "Back in my county this did not happen until 1973". Ernest now resides just outside Gainesville,Florida in an equally rural area. "I paint from my reminiscences and it is American Southern country farms....family.....sunset vistas........simple uncomplicated depictions of a rapidly disappearing scene." A number of collectors have noticed the similarities in his work with William Aiken Walker's artworks. Walker spent time in Florida depicting the life and environments of emancipated slaves, especially cotton workers in the post-Reconstruction American South. St. Augustine was for a while abase for Walker in the 1880's. Aiken's works. "I have only recently become familiar with Walker but I am amazed at our similarities in style and genre" says Ernest.
We must tell you that Ernest's work is the "real thing". We've met many painters who mimic the style and subject manner of a self taught naive artist. As future collectibles we would put our money on the works of Ernest Lee. Lee's works are available in the Plaza on weekends or you can contact him at 352-337-2703

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