Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Junkanoo this Saturday

We have written previously about the Revolutionary War years in St. Augustine(link). St. Augustine was a British Tory colony and was used for imprisonment of patriots from the American side. Unfortunately for the Loyalists the Spanish re-claimed Florida in 1783 and the loyalists were evacuated. Many started their lives over In Abaco. Now 224 years later we are welcoming Bahamians and celebrating our common history.

On Saturday May 19 the sound of drums, bells, whistles, and horns will get the festival started at 5:30 p.m. when authentically-clad Bahamian dancers and musicians parade down St. George Street to the Plaza where they will launch an incredible concert filled with the music and color of Abaco. Everyone is invited to bring a lawn chair or blanket and settle in for a fantastic tropical evening of music, food (conch fritters, ceviche, conch chowder..Yum!) and fun.The best part of the festival is that it will fund a scholarship to Flagler College for a top Abaco student, The Junkanoo Scholarship.

P.S.Kalik Beer is one of the sponsors but I'll bet that we gotta go to the Bahamian junkanoo to get a cold one. Bahamian laws are different from ours.There you can walk down the street, sit on the curb, ride in a cab or public transit and drink your beer. One at a time, in a brown paper bag. Try that here.

Heard On The Street

"Ya know doncha that there was a plague here in St. Augustine just before Flagler arrived and it wiped out most of the community" " I don't know what kind of plague just a regular plague." Self styled expert on local history.

"We heard that Suvo took a swing at one of the cops so they hauled him off". Artist Suvo was arrested for offering unauthorized art for sale Read here. "Hey, do you think that I'm an idiot!"says Suvo

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