Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No ,It Doesn't Say Pervert !

Near the base of the Cathedral bell tower is a handy sundial. Tourists are fascinated with it and it is very accurate (though not allowing for daylight savings nonsense) We have not done research to know when it was added to the facade ( anybody know? ) The bell tower was built in 1887 after a disastrous fire gutted downtown St. Augustine. The money was donated by....who else....... Henry Flagler, Pater Noster of St. Augustine.
The Latin phrase Pereunt et Imputantur was a favorite motto for clocks and sundials. First written by Latin poet Martial, it is usually translated as follows, "They perish and are reckoned to our account". In other words, (ours) ......days and hours pass and we may spend them wisely or not. (This would also make a cool slogan for a tropical fish store) After so many tourists marvelling at the sundial, we are waiting for the very first person to ask the meaning of the Latin words. OK, one Plaza artist , Elizabeth asked and prompted this entry. Elizabeth is a student and teacher of language so it is a natural inquiry. The rest of the public seems to be uncurious.
Speaking of Latin, the Plaza artist and old altarboy Suvo says that he is now discovering the meaning of "Beneficium Accipere Libertatem Est Vendere" We asked for the meaning and he said ,"Look it up yourself ! ( we used this .) Suvo hasn't been the same since the police locked him away for displaying art in the Plaza. Maybe this is a good thing. Humility can temper things once in awhile. Suvo's answer, "Pisse sur votre tĂȘte"

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