Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sit Down And Stay Awhile

Did you know? Rearrange the letters of Mayor Joseph Boles name and you get "Hopeless Job"Plaza Benches Replaced

The forklift is lifting the wood and concrete benches while workers replace them with new pseudo coquina smaller backless benches pictured above. Some of the Plaza bretherens groused about the new backless benches. "It's like taking a Stearns and Foster and putting in a ....a....well a goddamn nothin"! said Joe "Stink Eye" Morrow. Artist Scott Raimondo was asked about the change and he said. "I'm not really sure that there will be a way to get the thing that is needed until the trees are........... oh yeah....... then we can get the stripes painted and cars will be......wait.......... what did you ask? ........Do you like cheese?"
Almost as Bad as Nick Nolte's Mug
After his recent arrest for exhibiting "illegal art" artist Suvo wants to avoid the courthouse as much as possible so he asked a newly announced County Commission candidate to secure him his mugshot. "The workers at the jail would not let me take a copy with me when I was released. I saw it and liked it.It didn't show my double chin" Suvo says that this does not guarantee a vote for this particular candidate since the others have not yet had the opportunity to court his vote. "This candidate is in the lead so far"says Suvo.
After you read Suvo's mugshot profile he wants you to understand
1. He shaved that morning and he resents the reference to him as "unshaven"
2. He does not have a tattoo with the name "Mark" anywhere on his body and insists that this be expunged from the record!
3. Suvo says that the charge that he was "use of a city street for a commercial purpose" makes it sound as if "I was running up spritzing windshield of cars and asking for a tip" For the record Suvo was in the middle of the Plaza when he was arrested for exhibiting unapproved art.

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